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Congratulations! We look forward to meeting you!

If you want to get up and running immediately, text Grant (my VP) at 951.743.2049. His phone is silent when he's not available so don't worry about it being too late or too early.
In the meantime, we suggest you check out these videos on Instagram to get a glimpse into what you'll learn with Flip Secrets and what some of the Flip Family has been able to accomplish.

Who Is Jake Leicht?

Over the last 7 1/2 years, I've been flipping houses using other people's money (OPM) as a very profitable side-hustle. When I got my start, I was broke and five figures in debt, had zero real estate or construction experience, and had to figure out a way to still be able to compete. Throughout my journey, I've learned a lot through coaches, mentors, and trial-and-error, and have been blessed to be able to do some pretty cool things...
  • Flipped Over 900 Houses in almost every state in the county
  • Featured speaker at world class events and has helped thousands of investors look at the opportunities in today's market differently and more creatively
  • Advanced coach and mentor, sharing the NEW way to flip houses, from A-to-Z, and how to quickly be effective using modern resources and technology
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